Alternative Capital Investments is located in Switzerland.
Using proven techniques and innovative solutions, the continuity of our services ((BCP / DRP) is guarantee at all times.


Institutional investor

We work with professionals (financial advisor, hedge funds, mutual funds, fund promoters) seeking to offer innovative services and diversification to their clients.
With our strategies and proprietary methods, but also through the experience of our entire team, we are able to adapt and offer a custom-made solution.


Our team of market professionals has over 15 years combined experience in trading the Forex market.

Recognized for his work on risk management and systematic trading, Jérôme Revillier is the head of trading.
Consultant for several years for global institutions, he is one of the most sought after Forex strategist in Europe.
His experience, his taste for rigor and innovation bring to your investment all the momentum you need.

To learn more about our organization, do not hesitate to contact us.

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